How much will my shirts cost?

This is by far the most frequently asked question we get. Apparel and other projects have a very wide range of prices. Prices depend on quantity, how many colors we are printing, location of the print, how many prints each piece gets, and many other factors. When we start a new project for a price quote, we will ask you several questions about your project to determine a price. 

Do I need to give you artwork or can you make a design for me?

Yes and yes. If you have your own artwork already we can work with, we may be able to use it, we may not, it depends on the size and format (redrawing fees may apply if the supplied image isn’t vector). If you need us to create the artwork for you, we can do that, and yes there is a charge for that.

How long will my project take?

This also depends on many factors, including our current production schedule, what you want done and how many pieces you want. 

Can you ship my project?

Absolutely! We ship projects all over the country and we have shipped projects to other countries. 

I got a quote from this other company, can you beat their price?

Maybe, maybe not. Send it over we will take a look and let you know. 

I need this project done next week, can you do it?

Probably not, we usually have a 4-6 week schedule. We can do rush orders, but there is a fee. If you plan to order from us regularly and every other job is a rush, we are probably not the shop for you. 


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